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The first words

14 Jan

To open your eyes in the world, for me, is like holding to a thread on one end and beginning a journey. A journey where you traverse the thread transforming it into a garland of images portraying everything you are , everything you do and feel; till you think you’ve reached the other end called destiny.
Thinking of destiny always baffles me. It is a marvel if you think, how the soul is gripped into the numerous layers of illusion, how it is connected and yet very abstract from the impressions which we call our experiences. I wonder why the almighty send us all in the circus here and what would happen if he hadn’t; no answers.
They say a soul is never bad or good, black or white, sweet or sour. But the intelligence mounted, which favors illusion over soul – the mind – leverages this freedom and takes many shapes which sometimes surprise our own imagination.
We, in India, are placed in privilege here to understand the intricacies of this circus and the dimensions beyond. This privilege was utilized by our ancestors for thousands of years and not only that. They left behind a vast treasure of organized knowledge meticulously infused in our culture. It is to know for ourselves, the path we’re chosen to dwell upon.
And we do refer to it indirectly sometimes when we look around unsatisfied, after working in offices, earning fat, romancing, fighting, cleaning up the robotic parts of us.
Its not all that is to it. We’re more than that, yes pretty much more. But the eyes to look further aren’t open and they wont until the mind gives way to the soul.
I hope writing here I would intrigue myself and perhaps connect to others who care. It would be interesting.

God bless us all.