Kindle at PC

28 May

If you don’t own a Kindle device and still want to read Kindle editions like ‘The Sharp Mile’, here’s what you do.
Visit , download any of the free Kindle apps for PC and enjoy reading 🙂


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  1. The Sharp Mile – free giveaway | agrippedsoul - May 29, 2013

    […] ‘The Sharp Mile’ is a thrilling voyage canvassed in an Indian city. At the outset it nose dives into a terrorist attack, of unprecedented intensity. Its characters witness moments that blossom like fragrant flowers; and horrors of unabated violence that could scar a sole forever. Pitched in battles between terrorists and saviors, many lives are thrown at crossroads. Some would change forever. From the burnt ruins of peace, struggle of its protagonists; this story brings out a message with triumph. A message that is worth reading. Please log in at Amazon and browse the book page – to access it for free. It can also be read without Kindle device via the apps like  ‘Kindle for PC’. […]

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