The Sharp Mile – Snippet I

28 May

How it all begins :-


The Home Ministry’s Chopper landed at the field, throwing splashes of chilled water off the ground. It had been raining all night and the Sun had just begun cheering up.
An elderly figure appeared out thanking the pilot for a smooth landing after the rough ride – owing to the uninvited winter rains.

The Car waiting for the officer was now in ignition and took off with him to the nearby building.
The NIA{1} office was bustling in SOS{2} mode.
“Tiwari did you activate the local asset?” asked the senior officer barging into the control room. The old shepherd’s calm yet stern demeanor, clad in an average safari suit gave away the aura of a no non-sense man.

“Yes Sir” Tiwari continues after a pause “Don’t worry Sir, he knows the area very well. He’ll hit the ground zero running” guessing the next question. His colleagues in the background were still whispering in low voice “You remember how they got Laden 6 years back?” before the old man’s next question forced them to chuck it…

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