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Reviewing India’s nuclear doctrine

14 Apr

Superb analysis by Yusuf on our nuclear doctrine.
Now that we’ve far from the times of solid basics laid down in Sunderji’s days; it is time India does a “nuclear revision”.

Sarvatra Vijay

The BJP manifesto on nuclear doctrine has raised a lot of eyebrows, from domestic to foreign commentators. All of them commenting on possible review of the No First Use policy of India.

Richard Boucher,former assistant secretary if state for South and Central Asia of US said scrapping the no first use policy would not be a smart move by the BJP. He says

What does it do for India? Nothing really,although it would introduce a small probably destabilizing element in the calculations of nuclear adversaries.
In fact the threats to India-terrorists and conventional border disputes can’t be dealt nuclear threats. India’s nuclear strategy ain’t broke,so don’t fix it.

However Ashley Tellis a former official of the US National. Security Council said it was still unclear what the revision of the doctrine would entail.

The new government should review the doctrine for all sorts of reasons,including the fact that much has…

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