Possible Solution to Indian Defence Industry: Learn from history

17 Aug

A good piece by Yusuf …
It is well known that Chinese leap in Technological self reliance began with the induction of (ex)Soviet scientists. They gave the much needed impetus and knowledge base, after which there has been no looking back for China.
I don’t see anything wrong with the approach if adopted in India, However under the same approach, the option of reversing brain-drain and importing foreign based Indian scientists on priority should be keenly explored.

Sarvatra Vijay

Posting here what I had quite sometime back written on my forum

For about three decades India has been struggling with design and development of defence products. The success record is patchy. Below par products, budget overruns and more importantly time overruns.

India for a better part of the three decades was under international technology denial regime. Considering that, we can say that a lot has been achieved. But for a country like India it clearly isn’t enough.-

After the second world war both the Soviets and the US managed to get hold of a lot of German technology and more importantly, the top scientists. Wernher von Braun was one such prized catch for the US. The father of the Vengeance missiles of Nazi Germany better known as V1 and the V2. Von Braun moved to the US and produced rockets that resulted in the US putting man on the…

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