The Sharp Mile – free giveaway

29 May


My story ‘The Sharp Mile’ is live at Amazon as a Kindle edition. I’m glad to inform you that there’s a free giveaway of this eBook, between May 30th 1 PM IST and May 31st 1 PM IST.

‘The Sharp Mile’ is a thrilling voyage canvassed in an Indian city. At the outset it nose dives into a terrorist attack, of unprecedented intensity. Its characters witness moments that blossom like fragrant flowers; and horrors of unabated violence that could scar a sole forever.
Pitched in battles between terrorists and saviors, many lives are thrown at crossroads. Some would change forever.
From the burnt ruins of peace, struggle of its protagonists; this story brings out a message with triumph. A message that is worth reading.
Please log in at Amazon and browse the book page – to access it for free.
It can also be read without Kindle device via the apps like  ‘Kindle for PC’.

It would help me immensely if you could let me know of your valuable review, at the story’s Amazon page or via a post/article at your site.

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Kindle at PC

28 May

If you don’t own a Kindle device and still want to read Kindle editions like ‘The Sharp Mile’, here’s what you do.
Visit , download any of the free Kindle apps for PC and enjoy reading 🙂

The Sharp Mile – Snippet I

28 May

How it all begins :-


The Home Ministry’s Chopper landed at the field, throwing splashes of chilled water off the ground. It had been raining all night and the Sun had just begun cheering up.
An elderly figure appeared out thanking the pilot for a smooth landing after the rough ride – owing to the uninvited winter rains.

The Car waiting for the officer was now in ignition and took off with him to the nearby building.
The NIA{1} office was bustling in SOS{2} mode.
“Tiwari did you activate the local asset?” asked the senior officer barging into the control room. The old shepherd’s calm yet stern demeanor, clad in an average safari suit gave away the aura of a no non-sense man.

“Yes Sir” Tiwari continues after a pause “Don’t worry Sir, he knows the area very well. He’ll hit the ground zero running” guessing the next question. His colleagues in the background were still whispering in low voice “You remember how they got Laden 6 years back?” before the old man’s next question forced them to chuck it…

For a larger sample, please visit the book page at


The Sharp Mile

26 May

Dear Friends,

I am happy to share with you that I’ve written and published a story I built over a period of time.

‘The Sharp Mile’ is a thrilling voyage canvassed in an Indian city. At the outset it nose dives into a terrorist attack, of unprecedented intensity.
From the burnt ruins of peace, struggle of its protagonists; this story brings out a message with triumph. A message that is worth reading.

I take this opportunity in thanking my friends at for their valuable inputs in improving this manuscript.

Though it may be a little imperfect, being my first effort;  I cherish the story and its publishing as a special memory.
I invite you to read the book and live this story with me, as I have lived and honed for quite some time now.


Currently the work is available as an e-book via Amazon Kindle, Smashwords.
In just a few days it will be live at major online retailers such as Apple iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, WH Smith and

Click here to download free Kindle ebook reading Apps for your Android phone/tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC/tablet, Blackberry or Windows Phone –

Following are the links to the book’s page at various online distribution platforms:
Amazon –
Smashwords –
Pothi – <link would be updated by May 28th>

I wish you a happy reading. Thank you so much !!


The first words

14 Jan

To open your eyes in the world, for me, is like holding to a thread on one end and beginning a journey. A journey where you traverse the thread transforming it into a garland of images portraying everything you are , everything you do and feel; till you think you’ve reached the other end called destiny.
Thinking of destiny always baffles me. It is a marvel if you think, how the soul is gripped into the numerous layers of illusion, how it is connected and yet very abstract from the impressions which we call our experiences. I wonder why the almighty send us all in the circus here and what would happen if he hadn’t; no answers.
They say a soul is never bad or good, black or white, sweet or sour. But the intelligence mounted, which favors illusion over soul – the mind – leverages this freedom and takes many shapes which sometimes surprise our own imagination.
We, in India, are placed in privilege here to understand the intricacies of this circus and the dimensions beyond. This privilege was utilized by our ancestors for thousands of years and not only that. They left behind a vast treasure of organized knowledge meticulously infused in our culture. It is to know for ourselves, the path we’re chosen to dwell upon.
And we do refer to it indirectly sometimes when we look around unsatisfied, after working in offices, earning fat, romancing, fighting, cleaning up the robotic parts of us.
Its not all that is to it. We’re more than that, yes pretty much more. But the eyes to look further aren’t open and they wont until the mind gives way to the soul.
I hope writing here I would intrigue myself and perhaps connect to others who care. It would be interesting.

God bless us all.

Hello world!

16 Oct

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