The Sharp Mile – free giveaway

29 May


My story ‘The Sharp Mile’ is live at Amazon as a Kindle edition. I’m glad to inform you that there’s a free giveaway of this eBook, between May 30th 1 PM IST and May 31st 1 PM IST.

‘The Sharp Mile’ is a thrilling voyage canvassed in an Indian city. At the outset it nose dives into a terrorist attack, of unprecedented intensity. Its characters witness moments that blossom like fragrant flowers; and horrors of unabated violence that could scar a sole forever.
Pitched in battles between terrorists and saviors, many lives are thrown at crossroads. Some would change forever.
From the burnt ruins of peace, struggle of its protagonists; this story brings out a message with triumph. A message that is worth reading.
Please log in at Amazon and browse the book page – to access it for free.
It can also be read without Kindle device via the apps like  ‘Kindle for PC’.

It would help me immensely if you could let me know of your valuable review, at the story’s Amazon page or via a post/article at your site.

Thanks & Regards,


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